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Energy Healing Therapy Techniques

Energy healing therapy techniques page created 1-21-22

There's a lot to learn about particular energy healing techniques.  This page gives an overview with links to learn more especially about Healing Touch, Reiki and Emotional Freedom Technique.

Compassionate origins

Energy healing techniques have been a part of the fabric of human health for as long as there have been caring people on our planet.  The terms "ancient healing techniques" or "laying-on-of-hands," speak to the age and origins of modern day energy healing.

Originating from the simple act of kindness of placing your hand on a place of body pain or a parent putting their hand on a child’s boo-boo, the basis of all energy healing therapy techniques is to ease suffering using compassion.  If you have been touched by someone's caring compassion and it helped ease your own burdens, then you have experienced the pure essence of what energy healing therapy really is.

Modern-day healing

There are more than a few techniques available to learn for anyone who has an interest in complementary and integrative health.  Over a day or a weekend you can learn a technique and use it for you and your family’s own health and wellbeing.  Over a course of study, practice, and mentoring, you can become certified though not all techniques come with options for certification.  Most if not all techniques can be used at-home for self-care and family wellness while some can also be woven into the scope of a professional practice for a health practitioner.

Licensing for energy healing providers?

There are some national and international organizations that offer training programs, and some of those have certifications, but none have programs that are eligible for state licensing.  Instructors who teach an energy healing therapy technique do not have a license in that particular energy healing technique.  Certified practitioners also do not have a license in that particular energy healing technique. They may have another license in the healthcare field, but licensing for energy healing is not available at the state level and it’s not regulated at the Federal level here in the United States.  Perhaps it will be in the future due to the rise in research and evidence that shows it’s benefits.

Popular Energy Healing Therapy Techniques

Some healing techniques have become more mainstream.  They are Healing Touch, Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, and Emotional Freedom Technique. From 20+ years of quality research, there has been and continues to be studies that demonstrate the effectiveness of these energy healing techniques.  For professional practitioners who use Healing Touch, Reiki or Emotional Freedom techniques in their practice, these popular techniques are considered evidence-supported or evidence-informed practice due to the volume of positive results based on scientific research. And hopefully they will cross over to evidence-based practice.

There is also quality research on Reiki, ChiGong and TaiChi, other energy healing therapy techniques. And that evidence continues to grow, too. You can learn a little more about the scientific evidence supporting energy healing therapies here.

Let’s focus on the techniques that have the most researched-based evidence right now. In the pages linked from here, you’ll find more info on that particular technique. 

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