The Sensitive Explorer's Guide to Energy Healing

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Energy Healing for Sensitives. Hello!

Energy Healing, hello! page updated 1-13-2024

My mission is to guide you to embrace the beautiful power of your empathetic nature, showing you how to nurture and respect your sensitive nervous system. Discover the profound strength within your sensitive gifts, learn to love your sensitive nature, and embody your compassionate spirit. Cultivate a life of more calm, ease, and joy along the way, unlocking the full potential of your empathy so you can be sensitive on purpose.

Hello, I'm Lucrezia Mangione – a coach, teacher, and integrative healthcare consultant. As your guide in energy healing, mindfulness, and meditation, I specialize in helping sensitive individuals seamlessly integrate energy work into their daily lives. For licensed providers, I offer training in evidence-informed methods like Healing Touch for ethical bedside application.

My commitment is to enhance the holistic well-being of highly sensitive people, providing tools to reduce feeling drained and compassion fatigued while supporting overall health and wellness. Learn more about me here.

Energy Healing & Sensitive Self-care

Welcome to a comforting haven tailored for your sensitive nature. Here, you can explore high-quality information, connect with a certified practitioner, and access top-notch courses for personal growth, self-discovery or professional practice.

Bridge the gap between conventional and holistic care in a space crafted just for you.

  • Understanding Energy Work: Delve into what energy work is, its benefits, techniques, and potential applications. Learn about specific practices like Healing Touch, Reiki, or Qigong for educational and informational purposes.
  • Finding An Energy Work Practitioner: Connect with a certified professional and energy work practitioner in your local area or online.
  • Energy Work Training and Courses: Explore online courses and training materials to learn about energy work practices and techniques.
  • Research about Energy Work: Access valuable information from Healing Touch studies and explore the scientific evidence available for energy healing.

Continue on your journey of healing self-discovery in this expertly crafted space. Your well-being is at the heart of our mission. Welcome!

About this site

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Welcome to – your source for insights and services in the realm of energy healing. This site is designed to provide quality, valuable information in an easy way. You can learn more about this site here

The content on this site is not meant for self-diagnosis or as a substitute for medical or psychological advice and treatment. Your well-being is our priority, and we encourage you to seek the support you need from qualified professionals. For personalized guidance, please reach out directly to a professional. Explore more important information about this in our disclaimer

Welcome to a space dedicated to your journey of understanding and embracing the positive energy of healing.

Meet Lucrezia Mangione

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Hello, it's me – a real highly sensitive person, a curious woman, and a consciousness explorer. Through energy healing self-care, I nurture vibrancy in my health. As a Healing Touch practitioner and instructor, I guide others in exploring self-healing practices. Working with healthcare providers to reduce their compassion fatigue, I share how they can integrate Healing Touch at their client or patient's bedside. Engaged in Healing Touch research, I discovered valuable insights alongside existing scientific evidence for energy healing.

I genuinely hope you discover a thing or two of benefit as you sensitively explore and learn about energy healing and your human energy system. It's all about reconnecting with your sensitive strengths through energy healing.

Please let me know if you don't find what you're looking for. While I can't address personal questions, feel free to contact me for non-personal inquiries related to content you'd like to see at or understanding how to learn and study energy healing.

Your journey is important, and I'm here to support your exploration of energy healing.

Sensitively exploring with curiosity,