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Energy Healing, Hello!

Energy Healing, hello! page updated 1-20-2022

Welcome. Our goal with is to help you connect to your own inner source so you can meet your better self, a better you. It’s a give-yourself-permission site.  It’s a guide on your journey of self-worth.

It covers quality information and how-to tips about energy healing, chakras, and related wellness services. It's a place to give yourself permission to explore and grow through learning about energy healing, your energy centers and your rich human energy system. Take care of you.  Reclaim your power, feel inner strength and meet a better you.

Whether this is your first visit or a return trip inward, explore self-healing using energy healing techniques, your energy centers and chakras and the beautiful world of your human energy system here at

Energy Healing & Self-care

It’s about the healing art of caring for yourself and receiving from an inner source what you need. I feel all healing is self-healing brought about through self-care and compassion. I remember when I first experienced energy healing of my brow chakra. I became so relaxed.  In that moment, I remembered kindness towards myself in a deep connected way and i still stumble to find words to describe it.

This process is personal.  Your process is personal Only you can cultivate and grow your own self-worth and manifest your better self. Exploring what energy healing is for yourself and how you might live day-to-day with your amazing chakras and human energy system is something only you can do.  Is this in alignment with who you are?  If so, I sincerely hope you’ll find the next steps on your journey of meeting a better you, here.  Please reach out with your questions!

Curiously exploring,

About this site & Lucrezia Mangione

About the site

This website,, is an informational place to learn about information and services related to Energy Healing.  The material on this site is not intended for you or anyone to self-diagnose or use as a substitute for medical or psychological advice and/or treatment. Please contact a professional directly. See the Disclaimer for more info.

Meet Lucrezia Mangione

Hello. That's me. I'm a real person. I’m also a curious woman and a consciousness explorer who practices self-care and self-compassion. I do it to cultivate vibrancy in my health and well-being.  I’m also a professional Healing Touch practitioner and instructor. I encourage others in their own exploration of self-healing using energy wellness coaching, energy healing classes. I also work with healthcare providers (like nurses, doctors, counselors, social workers, chaplains, massage therapists and more) helping them to reduce compassion fatigue and adding a complementary tool to their practice by with integrating Healing Touch at their patient's bedside.  Learn more about me here.

I was involved in research about Healing Touch. Valuable info emerged from those studies but I also knew there was a lot of scientific evidence for energy healing already available. This site was created to offer quality information about Healing Touch and other energy healing techniques, energy centers, chakras and our fabulous human energy system for educational and informational purposes.  If it resonates with you, may it serve to help you in cultivating your self-awareness for personal growth and development.

I sincerely hope you find a thing or 2 that is of benefit on this site to learn about energy healing and your chakras for improved self-care.  If you don’t find, do let me and my team know how we may be able to help. Contact us with general non-personal questions related to the content here at (And please know that we are unable to answer personal questions directly.)