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Healing Touch Therapy Near Me

Healing Touch Therapy Near Me page update 1-15-2022

The Healing Touch and energy healing services offered here are grounded, research-based therapies that have a body of evidence to support their efficacy.  On this page there’s information about which services are available, what is not available, and some goals that other clients have had.

These Healing Touch Therapy sessions, near you, are either done face-face online or in our office in the woodland hills of CT.

Healing Touch Therapy sessions

Energy Wellness Coaching and Energy Healing sessions

Individual sessions, One to One energy healing sessions, face-to-face in CT or online:  The first visit is 1.25 hours. Sessions afterwards are 50 minutes. Schedule a session

Energy Healing Courses for groups

Offered for individuals who want in-depth learning about energy healing for their own personal use or to become certified as a Healing Touch practitioner.
Please see the upcoming course schedule (coming soon).
Interested in bringing a class to your area?  Contact us.


Clients have found these uses for Healing Touch

  • Stress reduction
  • Stress relief
  • Gain clarity
  • Develop intuition
  • Chakra balancing
  • Chakra healing
  • Energy field clearing
  • Improve mind-body-spirit connection
  • Connect with their higher senses
  • Grounding and centering
  • Additional support for  physical health and wellbeing
  • Additional support for mental health and wellbeing
  • Addition support for emotional health and wellbeing
  • Cultivating to spiritual wellbeing and wellbeing
  • physical, mental, emotional, spiritual levels of health and healing
  • Additional support for the healing of wounds    
  • Additional support for pain
  • Increases relaxation    
  • Reduces need for pain medication
  • Reduces anxiety and stress    
  • Increases energy
  • Brings relief for chronic fatigue    
  • Aid in preparation for and follow-up after medical treatments and procedures
  • Enhances surgery recovery     
  • Strengthens the immune system    
  • Supports the dying process
  • Additional support to eases acute and chronic conditions
  • Additional support for cancer care    
  • Supports care for neck & back problems
  • Creates a sense of well-being    
  • Enhances and deepens spiritual development and connection
  • General health maintenance and prevention

Healing Touch and Emotional Freedom Technique are the primary energy healing techniques used to serve our clients.  While trained in Reiki Energy Healing and more modalities that address your human energy system, energy meridians, energy centers and energy fields, Healing Touch and EFT are two techniques that are efficient in helping to move you forward with your goals, safely and gently. 

Complementary and Integrative Care

If you are under the care of a doctor for a medical condition or situation or are seeing a counselor or psychotherapist, these energy-based healing methods are a complement to your chosen medical or mental health treatment plan.  They can be standalone treatment for you if you are healthy and are interested in using them for health and wellness maintenance.

Referrals, Recommendations and Resources:

Providing referrals, working with other healthcare providers, making recommendations and offering resources are a part of this work.  These are made as needed.

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Safety and Privacy

Safety and privacy are central to being a Healing Touch practitioner, instructor and energy coach. A safe environment where you know what you say is private and confidential engenders an opportunity for healing and personal growth to occur.  These methods are also considered very safe.  In study after study, there have been no known negative effects of these energy healing techniques.

Scope of practice

Please be advised although Lucrezia Mangione is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, she does not provide any psychotherapy services in her energy wellness coaching and integrative health consulting practice.  In a separate practice, Lucrezia Mangione provides psychotherapy services in the states of Connecticut, Maryland and Virginia under her licenses as a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor.  If you are a resident of Connecticut, Maryland or Virginia and are interested in her holistic counseling, psychotherapy, please visit

As a certified Healing Touch instructor and practitioner, Lucrezia Mangione is trained and has work experience in the professional practice of Healing Touch and other energy healing techniques.  As such, she stays within her scope of practice as an energy coach, healing touch provider, energy healing instructor and consultant which comes with confidentiality, responsibility to certification and licenses, professional ethics and boundaries, and awareness of the limitations of energy healing.

There are a number of conditions and situations that are optimally served by licensed professionals or that call for a multidisciplinary team approach. In these cases the health team and the client are in a setting where a program of health and intensive care is available, either on-site or nearby. This is not the setting that this energy healing practice operates within.

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